Welcome to Mortar!


Mortar is currently under re-construction as I start my new position as an Assistant Professor at Colorado School of Mines! A small amount of data is available in the interim as I find a new home for the Mortar dataset and produce a more robust platform. Let me know if you are interested in getting involved!

Access to large amounts of real-world data has long been a barrier to the development and evaluation of analytics applications for the built environment. Open data sets exist, but they are limited in their span (how much data is available) and context (what kind of data is available and how it is described).

The goal of Mortar is to provide a large, diverse and consistently updated testbed of buildings and building data to facilitate reproducible evaluation of building analytics.

Interim Setup

There are incomplete docs online at https://beta.mortardata.org/ . The source code and example Jupyter notebooks for this backend are located on GitHub. Send me an email if you would like access to the interim backend