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Mortar is a community-led effort and will succeed on the contribution of all edits -- big or small -- that seek to improve the quality of the Mortar analytics library.

Following here are some guidelines on how to structure or conduct these edits.

Did you find a bug?

  • If you believe the bug is a security vulnerability, please email the Mortar admins: admin [ AT ] mortardata [ DOT ] org
  • Make sure to search the GitHub Issues to see if the bug has already been reported
  • If you cannot find an open issue describing the problem, open a new one. Be sure to include a title and clear description, including as much relevant information as possible. It is crucial to provide a code sample or executable test case demonstrating the expected behavior that is not occuring.

Do you want to add to or fix the documentation?

  • Note: the docs will be added in a future repository
  • Open a new GitHub pull request with the changes, after making sure to the best of your ability that it is devoid of errors and mistakes
  • ensure that the description of the pull request summarizes what the additions or changes are to the documentation
  • if you are unsure about anything or have any questions, please note this in the description
  • compile the documentation using mkdocs and check for formatting errors. Do not submit the generated code as part of the pull request

Do you have a new application?

  • Open a new GitHub pull request with the application code
  • Unless there is a good reason, Mortar applications should be written to target Python 3.5 or greater (compatible with the pymortar library)
  • The application should be contained in its own folder and given a proper name
  • Application folder should contain an file that contains the coordinating logic for the application
  • should include example usage at the bottom of the file using the following construct:
if __name__ == '__main__':
    # example code for how to use your application goes here
  • the application folder should come with a requirements.txt file that enumerates the packages required to execute the application
  • the application folder should come with a file containing a description of the application